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Golden jackal

Basic information
10-15 kg (males) / 10-13 kg (females)
up to 14 years
scavenger, casual predator

Since the golden jackal preys predominantly on smaller vertebrates like amphibians, reptiles, birds and rodents, attacks on farm animals are relatively rare. Besides being a predator, the golden jackal is also scavenger.


After the last glaciation, golden jackal spreads from the Middle East to southwestern Europe. In recent decades, jackals have spread from the Balkan Peninsula to central Europe, including portions of Slovenia. This is considered a natural process and can be largely attributed to changes in land use and wolf population declines on the Balkan Peninsula.

More about golden jackal

In Slovenia, species records of jackals date back to the year 1953. The presence of territorial groups has only been confirmed in 2009. In recent years, golden jackals inhabit mainly in plane areas with less forestation, such as the Ljubljansko barje, Kras, Prekmurje, Bela Krajina, Posočje and Podravje.

Resources and external links

Visit the following link to learn more about golden jackal:

  1. Project »Prostorska razporeditev, številčnost, ocena populacijskih trendov in potencialno širjenje areala vrste zlati šakal (Canis aureus L.) v Sloveniji« website.