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I want to protect my property


MOP co-financing process

The Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning (MOP) co-finances the costs of prevention measures or to improve an existing situation. The amount of the refunds is 80% of the total value, not to exceed  4000 EURO. IMPORTANT CRITERION TO QUALIFY: the applicant must have had verified damage occur.


Application submission

The injured party must submit an application for co-financing and enclose a pro forma invoice to MOP.


Contract signature

MOP prepares the contract and sends it to the injured party for signature.


The purchase

After receiving the signed co-financing contract by all signatories, the injured party makes a prevention measure purchase.


SFS informing

After the installation of the purchased measures, the injured party informs the regional unit of the Slovenia Forest Service (SFS). The SFS plenipotentiary carries out a control visit and writes a record to document the prevention measure.


Restitution claim

The injured party sends the restitution claim to MOP with enclosed invoices and the records of the implemented measures.



After the claim with all appendices is received, the injured party receives the payment of the co-financed amount.

Where can I get an advise?

You can ask the Slovenia Forest Service (SFS) for technical guidance on which protection measure is best for your situation. We are pleased to share our knowledge and experiences with you.

SFS aid

At regional units of the SFS within the large carnivore area, intervention kits of high electric fences were  distributed. This allows us to help injured parties immediately. – example of good practices.

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