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Bear friendly

The bear-friendly label was designed to award practices that promote coexistence between bears and humans.

Honey, cheese, meat products and handicrafts equipped with the bear-friendly label highlight the connection between bears and local communities, which are deeply intertwined in the northern Dinaric region and Alps. Such products give additional value and sense of recognition to the use of bear-friendly practices and improve the coexistence between humans and bears.


Bear friendly practices include:

  • The effective protection of livestock, beehives or orchards.
  • Preventing bears from losing fear of human (habituation of bears to humans) by using bear-proof garbage bins. When bears relate food to human, they will try to find it close to humans and their settlements. So, let’s keep bears wild and do not leave your trash everywhere.
  • Development of responsible tourism programs.
  • Active promotion of bear conservation in the local area.

Support bear friendly products and services to benefit local community and contribute to coexistence with bears.