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I want to protect my property

The damage case happened

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The damage case happened


The damage case report

Within 3 days, the injured party must report the damage case to the regional unit of the Slovenia Forest Service (SFS).


Control visit

Within 2 days, the SFS plenipotentiary  carries out the control visit of the damage case. The control visit can be attended by other invited participants.


The record

After the damage case control visit and verification that actual carnivore damage occurred, the SFS plenipotentiary will prepare a record. If the damage claim amount is agreed upon, the injured party signs the agreement. Within 8 days, the SFS plenipotentiary must submit the record and the agreement to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning (MNVP).


The damage payoff

After receiving the signed co-financing contract by all signatories, the injured party makes a prevention measure purchase.

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