I saw a wolf. What should I do?

I want to protect my property

The damage case happened

Turn to us

Why use protection?

Damages on property occur in all areas where protected animal species, which can cause damage, and unprotected property are present. In the Nature Conservation Act and the Regulations on appropriate ways of protecting property and types of measures to prevent further damage to property (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 74/05) the principle of a good landowner is defined.

This means that every individual must do everything, in appropriate way and with own funds, to protect his property. Furthermore, all the rules of nature conservation, protection of animals, forestry, hunting, agriculture and obligations must be complied. If the damage still occurs, the landowner can request the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and food for assistance in further damage prevention.

As a prevention measure, the property protection prevents the occurrence of conflict situations. It contributes to the prevention of farm animal losses and damage from attacks, as well as to large carnivores and other protected animal species.