I saw a wolf. What should I do?

I want to protect my property

The damage case happened

Turn to us

I have not yet experienced damage


  • Under current legislation, only individuals who have already suffered damage by protected species such as bears and wolves are eligible for co-financing from the Slovenian Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning (MNVP) for the purchase of equipment. For more information, click here.





  1. To those interested in the purchase of high electric fences, we provide the equipment to set up effective protection.
  2. To those interested in the purchase of livestock guarding dogs, we co-finance the purchase of puppies or adult dogs – ensuring that the dogs are from working lines and pedigree. The recipient of the dog also receives advice from an experienced dog breeder and support to integrate the dog into its new environment.
  3. Of course, we are also willing to find other solutions and support ideas that make farming in areas where large carnivores are present easier.



  • If you would like to protect your property or would like more information about protection options, please contact us at info@varna-pasa.si.