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In the area of the constant presence of the large carnivores, especially brown bears and wolves, grazing is the key practice that prevents the overgrowing of meadows and preserves the traditional appearance of the countryside. Maintaining the favorable condition of meadow habitat types is, in addition to maintaining a favorable state of large carnivore populations, the main objective of the financial operation of the Ministry of the agriculture, forestry and food.

photo: Protecting cattle with high electric fences

Nevertheless, on such areas, damage cases on livestock can occur. Because of the incorrect protection during grazing season, these farm animals are usually an easy prey. To maintain the favorable condition of farm animals and also the large carnivore populations, additional protection measures must be adopted. However, in areas where agriculture coincides with the living space of large carnivores, loss of livestock can occur, especially small cattle, which, with unsuitable protection, can be easily preyed with beasts. In order to ensure a favorable condition both for farm animals and for carnivores, it is necessary to provide additional protection for farm animals and to maintain grazing also with changes in existing practices in agriculture.

Within the financial operation of the Ministry of the agriculture, forestry and food, subsidies for the farm animals’ protection may be enforces. But they are only available on particular protection measures:

  • protection of the herd with enclosure of the high electric fences,
  • protection of the herd with the shepherd,
  • and protection of the herd with the livestock guardian dogs.

One must be aware that, in addition to ensuring the safety of both the farm animals and the large carnivores, protection as a preventive measure is necessary to reduce the risk of additional costs.