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Animal stalls and massive enclosures

photo: Stall for the protection of goat herd

These protection measures cover all physical barriers that prevent the animal trespassing into or outside the protected area. The enclosures can be built of concrete, stone, metal or wooden parts. In contrast to the massive enclosures, the stalls are covered with a roof that also protects animals against the weather. During the non-grazing season, enclosing farm animals in the stalls is the most common and the most effective form of protection.

Recommendations for the stall installation

photo: Massive stall for livestock protection
High enough
  • The walls must be at least 160 cm high. The lower ones can be skipped by dogs or wolves. Brown bears can climb even higher installations.
Hardened to the ground
  • The enclosure must be hardened to the ground (dug out by at least 20 cm) to prevent the undermining. It can also be fortified with the concrete.
Electric current
  • At least one wire with a voltage of at least 5 kV is recommended. It must be located at a height of one meter on the outside of the enclosure to prevent the brown bear from climbing the enclosure.
  • To prevent the damage caused by brown bears, the stalls must be made massively .