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Multi-wire electric fences

photo: Enclosure of the multi-wire electric fences

Multi-wire electric fences are intended for the permanent fencing of large grazing areas. They are usually lower than the high electric fences and consist of fewer wires. Their main purpose is to keep grazing animals within a pasture and not to protect them from predators. For that reason, the protection measure was not included among the sufficient protection measures, financed by the Ministry of the agriculture, forestry and food. Nevertheless, the multi-wire electric fences consist of solid wires that effectively conduct electric current over long distances.

Multi-wire electric fences can be an effective protection measure, but only along the proper use: the electric current must be present constantly, it is necessary to prevent the possible trespass under, between and through the wires, and, when not in use, the installation must be removed. The more wires the enclosure has, the greater the efficiency. The most rational choice is of six wires, that altogether measure 150 cm in height. This protection measure is recommended for the protection of stationary beehives, since the maintenance of the smaller enclosure is easy, and the permanent installation is a good choice in terms of the persistent and long-term protection.

photo: Protecting the beehive with multi-wire electric fence

The protection of grazing animals from large carnivores with multi-wire electric fences is estimated as inappropriate, due to frequent inconsistent use and more demanding maintenance. However, this protection measure may be appropriate in combination with others (e.g. night enclosure from high electric fences or livestock guarding dogs).

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