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Eurasian beaver

Basic information
23-35 kg
up to 12 years

Eurasian beaver damages typically occur near rivers and other watercourses that are preferred beaver habitats. Water bodies (rivers, lakes, streams and swamps) with year-round water are species typical habitat. Eurasian beavers are not very sensitive to water quality. Water bodies must contain a sufficient amount of plant food, as it is exclusively herbivorous species.

A special gland allows Eurasian beaver to digest a large amount of cellulose. Most of the damages occurs to individual trees or on tree plantations which are common feeding places of the Eurasian beaver. Since they feed mainly on wood, they can cause damage in the urban environment by felling ornamental trees and shrubs.

More about eurasian beaver

In the Europe, Eurasian beaver were once widely distributed. In Slovenia, beavers are present in only small areas. Beavers have been found on the Krka, Sava, Sotla, Drava, Mura, and Kolpa rivers and at Ljubljansko marsh. Beavers are also present in the southeast of the country, along the border with Croatia.

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