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Eurasian otter

Basic information
7-12 kg (males) / 4-8 kg (females)
up to 15 years
predator (mostly fish, including crustaceans)

Eurasian others can cause damage to commercial fish hatcheries, dams, ponds, and fish farms. In many parts of the Europe, the Eurasian otter has been locally exterminated.


Eurasian otter typically lives along large and free-flowing rivers and are highly sensitive to water pollution. In addition to pollution, otters are sensitive to changes or alterations to flow levels, river bed disturbance, and destruction of riparian habitats.

More about eurasian otter

In Slovenia it is present at Goričko, Ljubljansko marsh, and on the Krka, Sava, Mura, Kolpa, Sotli, Drava, Pesnica and Ščavnica rivers. Otters are rarely found on the Soča, Vipava and Idrijca rivers.

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